Building the world’s leading renewable energy business

Since entering the renewables market in 2010, Octopus Renewables has grown to become the largest investor of solar power in Europe, as well as growing to become a leading investor in onshore wind. We currently manage a global portfolio of renewable energy assets valued at more than £4.2 billion.

This has created a portfolio of clean energy assets with a combined capacity of 3 Gigawatts, and last year we generated enough energy to power Greater Manchester.

Our portfolio in numbers


GW of total portfolio capacity. This is equivalent to 5,800 GWh at maximum capacity


equivalent UK homes will be powered annually once fully constructed


tonnes of carbon avoided per year1


equivalent trees planted to offset same amount of carbon avoided

Portfolio data based on calculated assumptions over twelve months as at February 2022. The total Portfolio includes the production potential of both our operational and construction assets over a 12 month period.
1The carbon avoided was calculated using the International Financial Institution’s approach for harmonised greenhouse gas accounting. References for carbon equivalent calculations are available on request.

Homes powered by renewable energy


Additionally, our Reserve Power Assets generated enough energy to power a further 131,387 homes.

Homes powered based on Ofgem 2020 forecasted average household consumption for the UK; Portfolio generation based on historic 12 month period ending February 2022.

Latest insights

8 Oct 2021

Buzzing about bees

The Octopus Renewables team visit the The Good Bee Company, one of the companies partnered through our impact funds. The Good Bee company is a network of beekeepers with one central mission, “bringing people, businesses and communities together in partnership for the planet”.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a future powered by renewable energy