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Accelerating towards a clean energy future

Our story

Leading renewable energy investor

With over £4.2 billion of energy assets under management, we are:
• One of the largest owners and managers of renewable energy assets in the UK and Europe.
• The largest independent owner of onshore wind and solar assets in the UK.

Experienced and specialist team of >80 professionals

One of the largest and most experienced teams in Europe across Transactions, Energy Markets, Asset Management, Fund Finance and Business Operations. Our team of engineers and technical experts has overseen £2bn of new build energy assets and our asset management team have a track record of optimising assets for our investors.

Unique global force for good

Joining forces with Octopus Energy means, no other energy group has what we have – the combination of a technology and consumer-led approach, energy expertise and our fund management skills to deliver the best outcomes for our investors, the environment and society.

Institutional capabilities and co-investment opportunity

Since May 2017 we have secured mandates to deploy over £900 million in UK renewable energy assets on behalf of institutional investors, most recently on behalf Nest who’s initial commitment of £350m is just the start of a growing partnership.

Origination track record and proprietary pipeline

Octopus is known for being reliable, straightforward and able to transact efficiently, making us an attractive partner for the right developers. The team’s extensive experience and deep network generates billions of pounds of pipeline each year.

Sustainable investment

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a future powered by renewable energy to drive to net zero. We integrate ESG into everything we do, adopting and aligning to international standards alongside driving positive impacts for people and the planet.

Joining forces with Octopus Energy

Octopus Renewables is being brought into the Octopus Energy Group to create a direct connection between renewable energy generation, leading technology and supply to create a unique force capable of driving the energy transition – deploying capital to push towards net zero at pace.

We genuinely believe we have the ingredients to build the world’s leading renewable energy business. Out there is a $26 trillion opportunity to accelerate the world to net-zero. Combining a tech and consumer-led approach, energy expertise and our fund management skills, we can unleash this pent-up capital by creating models that deliver for investors, creators of energy (large and small) and society.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity – for us as a business and for those who are part of the team working on it.

Part of the Octopus Group

We’re a group of entrepreneurially-minded businesses – each one built on the belief that people deserve better. Founded in 2000, today we’re one of the UK’s fastest-growing companies, operating in two sectors – financial services and energy supply.

For two decades we’ve been challenging convention and turning bright ideas into game-changing businesses. We offer smart, simple solutions that leave our customers feeling totally taken care of because being trusted makes us irreplaceable.

Across Octopus, we now have over 2.1m customers and we manage more than £12.4 billion on behalf of our investors (at 31 December 2021). We want Octopus to be a group of businesses we’re proud to tell our grandchildren about.

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