Octopus is a group of companies which invests in the people, ideas and industries that will help to change the world.

We believe that the companies serving two of our most important needs – our financial wellbeing and our planet’s future – are failing. And we want that to change. We want everything we do, whether that’s in financial services or energy supply, to have a positive impact on the people it touches.

In our financial services business, we care as much about the impact our investments have, as we do about the returns that we generate for our investors. We manage more than £10 billion (As at 31st March 2021) on behalf of retail and institutional investors, specialising in renewable energy, real estate, smaller company and venture capital investing.” 

Your career at Octopus

Life at Octopus is never dull. We’re an ambitious, people-first business that wants to make the world a better place. Because of this, we value curiosity, resilience and integrity. Octopus is full of people who simply want things to be better, across all aspects of life. We’re different from most other companies you may have worked for.

We’re combining our energy expertise

Under the Octopus umbrella, we currently have two fast-growing businesses that are playing a critical role in advancing the clean energy transition with more than 1.7 million custumers and is now the #1 rated UK energy supply business, and the only one to be recommended by Which? three years in a row.

Octopus Renewables is already the one of the UK’s leading investor in renewable energy, while Octopus Energy is an award winning next-generation energy-supply company that’s delivering phenomenal growth.

Given their overlapping interests and expertise, we thought it made sense for the two companies to join forces. So that’s exactly what’s happening now. Octopus Renewables and Octopus Energy are combining to accelerate the green-energy revolution worldwide.  

Jobs at Octopus Renewables

Jobs at Octopus

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