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Buzzing about bees

8 Oct 2021

Octopus Renewables has been working to create partnerships that will help drive meaningful impact on behalf of their impact funds. One of these partnerships is with The Good Bee Company – a network of beekeepers with one central mission, “bringing people, businesses and communities together in partnership for the planet”.  

The Good Bee Company offers an innovative way to engage with local communities through nature. A company can sponsor beehives and schools helping a Good Bee beekeeper to maintain hives, plant pollinator-friendly gardens and deliver education workshops on bees and biodiversity to the school. For example, Octopus Renewables’ partnership with The Good Bee Company has facilitated impact creation for a flagship fund, Octopus Renewables Infrastructure Trust (“ORIT”). Whilst ORIT’s central mission is to mitigate the climate crisis through renewable energy investment, ORIT also recognises it’s opportunity in efforts to avert the biodiversity crisis. Through sponsorship of 2 beehives and 2 local schools near one of it’s solar farms, ORIT is helping to educate children on the importance of pollinators and biodiversity.

Education, however, should not be restricted by age! A group of Octopus Renewables employees were invited to learn more about bees from two Good Bee Company beekeepers at one of their apiary sites in Dulwich London. Kitted up in bee-suits, we conquered fears and risked allergic reactions to take an “inside-look” into bees’ lives. We witnessed how bee colonies behave and work together to pollinate plants and make honey.

David Bird (Director of ORIT) and Chris Gaydon (Director of ORIT) holding up beehive frames during the beekeeping experience.
David Bird (Director of ORIT) and Chris Gaydon (Director of ORIT) holding up beehive frames during the beekeeping experience.

We discovered how the bee and pollinators alike contribute to the functioning of their local and global ecosystems, protecting the planet’s biodiversity and the human population’s food security. In fact, we realised Octopus Renewables share a very similar ambition to the bee – by working together and communicating we can do good and make the sweetest energy the world can buy.

Laura Powell, an Octopus Renewables employee learning basic beehive maintenance.

The Good Bee Company’s passion for education and bees was truly contagious and we are excited to see this enthusiasm shared with more local schools and communities near our managed assets.